We Deliver!

Akron Square Roots provides fresh local produce directly to the greater Akron, Ohio area. We grow right here in the heart of Akron (in the Highland Square neighborhood, which is where our name comes from) using natural organic methods and water conservation techniques.

We’re big fans of permaculture style growing, and place much of our focus on soil health through natural composting, thoughtful crop planning, and encouraging biodiversity. Using these methods our microfarm transforms previously unused land into highly productive rows of veg for you! Check out what we’re growing this year on the What’s Fresh page.


Sign up below to get our weekly email and to order your own fresh delivered veggies. After signing up, you’ll receive a verification and welcome email, which could take up to a day. Please click the link in the verification email to complete the process. The welcome letter contains all the important details on how we can serve you fresh local produce! Every Tuesday night we’ll send out a menu of everything that’s ready for harvest and you can order everything you like. Our season runs approximately May through November, depending on weather.