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Spring 2020

If you told me a year ago what life would be like in 2020, I would not have believed you. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways – and maybe even more ways to come. Health has become the focus for a lot of us, including my own family.

Thankfully everyone in our home is healthy; I hope everyone in yours is doing well and finding ways to deal with the lockdown and social distancing. It’s been wonderful seeing so many people walk by enjoying the fresh air as I’m working in the field! Speaking of which…

We’re boosting soil health/nutrient density this year by adding tons (literally!) of composted manure in the rows. This will not only help feed the fruits and veggies grown, but that added nutrient content gets passed on to you, something that is lacking from the factory farm produce . It also improves soil life biodiversity, increases water retention and in turn, grows more and better food.

So while things might seem a little shaky at times, think of our beautiful rows of kale, lettuce, and spinach already growing in the sunshine, rain and even snow. They’re more than surviving – they’re thriving! The strawberries are starting to bloom, the potatoes are sprouting and life is bursting at the seams. Hang in there… we will get through this together!