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Lettuce Learn

Another chilly wet spring might feel a bit cruddy to us, but for lettuce it’s the perfect kind of weather! Diffused light, dappled sun, cool temperatures and rain is what gives us lush, sweet and tender lettuce leaves. Yum!

This year we tried lettuce in the hoop house and seeds in the field over wintertime as an experiment. The hoop house lettuce was planted too late to sustain us with salad in the middle of winter since it didn’t have enough time to grow before we hit our “Persephone” period. But by February and March, it slowly picked up steam and then began to grow quickly. What a nice surprise it was to be munching fresh salad in early April!

What surprised me even more was how the lettuce seeds in the field began growing as early as late January. Tiny seedlings braved the February cold and snow, and continued to get bigger, although very slowly! And now in early May they look like respectable transplants that could be ready for market as soon as the end this month. 

I love experimenting with seeds and plants to see what they’re capable of and to push the boundaries of my own knowledge. Eating those experiments for lunch just adds to the joys of growing food. 

Spend some time finding out what you enjoy… play around with the details and explore different paths. You never know what you might discover 🙂