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Getting closer…

Ahh… warmer weather at last! A little extra wet, sure. Too muddy to weed, yeah. But it feels so good outside!

The field looks beautiful; lettuce has almost doubled in size over the last week and green strawberries are fattening up before their blush of red starts. Even the sweet corn is in and already a few inches tall. Spinach is looking more full, and there are potato sprouts galore. I feel so happy 🙂

This time of year goes fast with all the labor intensive work going on. Most days are spent seeding new crops, transplanting others, or prepping beds for the veggies that can’t go out yet. If the weather doesn’t cooperate for outside work, then crop records get updated, new trays of seeds are started, and field plans get re-evaluated based on how the season’s going.

The cold spring we had earlier has bumped our start date back a week or two, but look for a direct email announcing the first fresh veggies (I think we’ll be ready by the end of May).

Until then, enjoy this amazing wonderful weather!