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We’ve Got Quail

We’ve added quail to Akron Square Roots! These plucky birds have been raised from day old chicks and are perfect for our scale of farming. They offer exactly what we’re looking for: a high quality sustainable source of eggs in a compact size.

Quail eggs taste just like chicken eggs, although the quality of eggs differs with the quality of their care. Our Square Roots quail are fed a natural grain feed but have the added benefit of eating bugs and worms – which they gobble up with incredible relish! This makes the yolk a richer yellow-orange color than the washed out yellow of store-bought chicken eggs.

Per the US Department of Agriculture, there are several health benefits to eating quail eggs over chicken eggs.  Quails’ eggs are higher in B12, folate, protein, phosphorus and sulfur, and have double the iron content making them excellent for helping those with anemia. They also contain healthy amounts of magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, E, and D. 

There are also environmental benefits to quail egg production, too. It takes less feed for quail to lay 1 pound of eggs than it does for a chicken to do the same, saving on the total amount of grain a bird needs to eat. Quail also produce more eggs during the year than chickens do.

Try a couple dozen of our Akron Square Roots quail eggs and see how you like them. They fry up beautifully, boil in just a couple of minutes (literally!) for snacking or salads… and just wait until you make your first deviled eggs with these cutie-pies! Try them in baking using 3 quail eggs for each large or extra large chicken egg. Quail eggs have a high yolk to egg white ratio, making them wonderfully creamy and a true pleasure to bake and cook with.

You can’t get any fresher than these eggs or beat the location!