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You’re helping the environment

What’s so special about the way we sell produce?

Well, for starters, we’re about as local as you can get. But the big deal is actually in the process of how we bring veggies to you. Sure, you could go to the grocery store and buy organically grown produce or even go to the farmer’s market to buy directly from a grower. The ugly side of any grocery store or market is an immense amount of food waste. No matter what, food that doesn’t sell quickly enough spoils or gets damaged during shipping or while waiting to be sold. Don’t even get me started on how dozens of people could have already touched or even sneezed on the produce you picked out. That’s another topic altogether!

When you support Akron Square Roots, you’re promoting less waste. We made a conscious decision a couple of years ago not to attend farmer’s markets any more because it was a poor use of our time and our resources. What do I mean? Farmer’s pay a premium to attend markets and have to raise their prices accordingly – it gets very expensive. They also have to harvest more than they expect to sell in order to make their stall look full and have enough “just in case”. That unsold produce is often tossed out as waste.

In contrast, we don’t have higher costs from market fees; we wait for our orders to come in, harvest only what we need for that week, and because of this have no food waste from over harvesting. The small bits that don’t look pretty we personally put on our own table since it still tastes great, and everything else (like kale stems or lettuce stumps) goes to our very large bunny or on the compost pile to fertilize next year’s crops. I’m a bit of a frugal-nut, and I hate to waste anything!

So good on you! You’re reducing the amount of food wasted in our city simply by ordering what you want online. Helping the environment doesn’t always have to be difficult. Sometimes the easier things just make sense!