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Strawberries are looking good!

Ever see a strawberry plant 2 feet tall before? Me neither! It must have been a combination of the hoop house protection combined with a whole lot of rich compost. Whatever the reason, these babies look fantastic and I can hardly wait for them to turn red! Just look at all those berries…oh! I found the first ripe strawberry. Ohmygoodness – that tasted so good!! It could have waited to ripen another day or so, but honestly I couldn’t!

The berries in the hoop house will be the first batch to ripen (that’s where I found the ripe one), and then we should have plenty for the entire month of June. If you remember, 3-400 plants were started in the field last year, and if the animals allow us to share and the weather doesn’t surprise us too much, I’m hoping for a bumper crop.

It used to be that in some parts of Maine during the summer when the strawberries come in folks would make an entire meal (supper) out of strawberry shortcake. Yummm. That reminds me, I need to find an old fashioned short cake recipe.

Found one!:

Actually, this one looks even better: Since this one calls for 4 extra large eggs, I think I’ll add two more quail eggs to the “quail math conversion” to make sure it’s fluffy enough.

Now I just need wait for the strawberries and find time to make the dessert!