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Yeah, this is good!

Strawberries are in and wow, the flavor’s amazing! I took some time this weekend to make the Strawberry Country Cake recipe I posted a couple of weeks ago under the last strawberry blog entry. Although it took some time to make, it’s totally worth it – and you should definitely try it!

I used some of the delicious quail eggs (a dozen and a half to make up for the exchange of quail to extra large chicken eggs), which made the batter beautifully rich tasting and golden in color. Because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cracking that many eggs, I tried out my quail egg scissors (more on that next week), and Presto! 16 eggs out of the shell in just about a minute. Utter magic!

Once the batter was made and baking in the oven, I got the strawberries ready. Since I pick out any blemished berries I find before packaging them up for delivery, I had a lot left over from Saturday to process. In the end I think there was close to 2 pints, twice as many as the recipe called for. Half I lightly mashed with a tiny bit of sugar for the middle filling, and the other half were cut to decorate the top of the cake. The homemade whipped cream gives it that perfect balance of flavors: sweet and almost tart; rich but not heavy.

All in all, it was pretty simple to make, but how does it disappear so fast?!

Here’s a link to the recipe if you’d like to make the Strawberry Country Cake yourself!