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Meet my Coworkers…

This is Frank; he’s a young guy really interested in the environment, pays close attention to detail, specializes in pest management, and likes to play Animal Crossing in his down time (he’s trying to build up his rose garden). He’s from a large family of about 100-200 siblings, but branched out on his own early to find his own niche in the field.

Frank’s such a valued member because he began focusing on getting rid of tiny pests like aphids and leafhoppers that like to hide around the pepper and tomato plants. As he grows into his role a little more, he’ll take care of squash bugs, beetles and grasshoppers. I’m not sure if his siblings will hang around to help, but he’s doing a fine job by himself already!

All joking aside, this is the first time we’ve had praying mantis nests in the field, and there were two this spring! We’ve also seen a huge increase in the true pink/red ladybug population, both of which point to how much impact this micro farm is having on the local environment. They’re here because our soil health is getting richer with the addition of compost, manure and worms and by getting rid of the previous lawn there’s an enormous improvement in plant diversity. Now we’re seeing how those actions encourage even bigger benefits!

So hooray for the new crews of ladybugs and praying mantis’ coming in to add to our small but rich corner of the neighborhood! It’s the biggest compliment I could ever hope for 🙂