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Quail Egg Scissors

So I admit, I’m not a big fan of too many kitchen gadgets, but I’m also not very skilled when it comes to cracking eggs. When I was in my early twenties I actually spent time trying to crack them in one hand like a chef does, but ended up with sticky egg whites and shells everywhere, including my long hair. Yuck.

Enter: the perfect pair of quail scissors. I wasn’t going to get them. I can crack eggs just fine on my own (I really can’t; it’s always a mess). It’s like admitting I can’t do something…wait, I already admitted that I suck at this. Sigh.

And then I used the quail egg scissors…it was… a non-event. I held the egg, moved the handle, and voila! The eggshell became the cutest little container with a tiny little lid…I dumped the contents into a small bowl. Nothing happened. No egg whites or shell in my hair! No eggshells in my yolk or whites! Just place one end of the egg inside the hole and squeeze the handles like normal scissors!

I did 17 more eggs with just as little effort; all done in a couple of minutes (see my post on using them for the strawberry country cake recipe).

Yes, they’re that easy and useful and I’m so glad I got them. It takes a lot for a kitchen gadget to earn a place in my kitchen, and this one did it with flying colors! I definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys eating quail eggs. Now I just need to find a bigger pair for those chicken eggs!