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Just saw Frank…

So it’s been awhile, but I just saw Frank! Can you see him in the center on top of a bean leaf? He was hanging out in the pole bean section taking a good look at the awesome plant growth going on there. I think he might have been looking for pests, too. That’s kind of his thing. The beans really took off and have climbed over the arch now, making an impressive green tunnel. I’m pretty happy with Frank’s contribution in making the farm so productive.

We didn’t get to talk much, although I did ask how he’s doing and if he feels like a good fit on our mini farm. Turns out, he seems quite happy and not in any hurry to look for greener pastures. Sometimes it’s hard to keep young employees – especially when they’re such dedicated workers.

Frank’s a young guy but I was still surprised to see how much he’s grown since the last I saw him (in early August). He didn’t mind the comment when I mentioned it; pretty much took it all in stride. I guess his growth spurt must be all those extra vitamins and minerals he’s eaten since joining our team! Keep up all the great work, Frank!