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Quail Egg Salad & Tomato Sandwiches

A couple of folks asked me about the quail egg salad & tomato sandwiches I mentioned during deliveries a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d describe the process and post a recipe for anyone interested in trying an old-time favorite. When I was little, I remember having egg salad sandwiches at a church potluck and absolutely loved them! (Although in my single-digit year old wisdom I may have eaten too many and gotten sick soon after. It also happened with raw cucumbers and tomatoes *sigh*.) Just remember, moderation is the key to healthy eating!

Anyway, making these sandwiches is a snap. Here’s how I do it and if you want more than one sandwich at a time, multiply everything by the number of sandwiches you want to end up with. I know, I’m sorry about bringing math into this!

You’ll need about 4 hard boiled quail eggs per sandwich. To make perfectly hard boiled quail eggs, go to my How To Properly Boil Quail Eggs post. Mash the eggs with a fork, add a pinch of sugar, about a Tablespoon dollop of mayo, and a tiny splash of vinegar. Mix these all together and check it for taste.

If you like more zip/brightness in the flavor, add a bit more vinegar. To add roundness, try a tiny amount of salt or onion or garlic powder. Don’t worry, you’ll find exactly what you like soon enough and then it’ll be easy breezy. Until then, enjoy eating the practice runs!

While I’m mixing all this up, my cast iron skillet is lightly toasted a lovely bun. When everything’s ready, I cut a big slice of tomato off a juicy heirloom, throw it on top of the egg salad, plop the bun top on, and then it’s happy eating. 🙂

The entire process takes me about 5 minutes for one or two sandwiches made at the same time, assuming I already have the hard boiled eggs. Not bad for a quick healthy meal chock full of vitamins and all locally grown!