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Keep those beauties looking fresh!

How do you keep our gorgeous bouquets of flowers looking good longer and get more out of them? Read below!

Once picked, fresh flowers need cool clean water, cooler air if possible, and to stay out of direct sunlight…

First, bring them inside and place them on a countertop out of direct light. Next, put a small amount of sugar or honey in the bottom of the container the flowers will live in for the next week or so. This sweetener will be their organic/non-chemical food in lieu of flower packet food. Add cold water to the container and place your flowers in the water. Enjoy all around the house! Top off the water level every day at first, then after the 2nd or 3rd day, or when the water looks cloudy, start fresh with a new mix of sugar and water.

Now here’s the good stuff:

As bouquets age, different flowers behave differently and as they change, so does their use. After several days some blooms might fade or wither, which is when most people just throw out the entire batch – don’t do that! Take these stems out and discard (preferably into a compost pile), but always check to see if there are unopened flower buds on them. If there are still buds, snip off the old bloom leaving the bud intact and then trim the bottom of the stem by at least an inch. Go through the entire arrangement until all spent blooms are gone and every stems have been trimmed by at least half an inch and place in a fresh water/sugar mixture. Always cut stems at an angle. This refreshes the flowers’ ability to take up food and water and will help them last even longer.

Sometimes you’re left with an entire bouquet that looks new, other times you might be left with only short stems or a small arrangement that doesn’t look good in the original container. Do what our great grandmothers did to extend enjoyment of fresh flowers and switch it up! Grab a small bottle, jar, bud vase, or anything that holds water and is the right scale for a little tussie-mussie bouquet. Trim stems to a length that looks good for the container you have and don’t worry about how many flowers are in a tiny vase. Some of my favorite arrangements are a small bunch or even a single Cosmos or Zinnia stem sitting in a pretty little vase on a bathroom vanity. It add so much impact to the room and is a clever way of extending enjoyment of fresh flowers for up to a 2nd or even 3rd week!

Early Summer Bouquet