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Frank has Returned!

While out in the field we spied our friend Frank! One of the best helpers we’ve ever had (at least of the exoskeleton kind), we’re thrilled to see him again. This year he brought a friend who was taking a lunch break with a young katydid when we met. Well, to be honest, the katydid was the lunch. The thing that was most disconcerting about this lunchtime was the horrible CRUNCH we heard every time the mantis munched. Ish. Best if we think of other topics.

Frank is Back!

So – the insect life is booming in the field. We have Frank I and Frank II, lots of crickets, katydids (minus one), grasshoppers, click beetles, lady bugs, parasitic wasps, butterflies and myriads more. What a change from the barren grassy wasteland it was before. Now life is teeming, filling up and flowing over everywhere!

For the second year in a row we’ve had a new type of scary looking hornet known as the cicada killer. They are huge! Last year there were a few, but this year they’re moving into the rows and we have to be careful not to spook them or disturb their ground holes. Cicada killers tend to be more concerned with battling each other for territory, but on rare occasions have been known to sting people when they feel threatened. I should try to get a photo of one, but google “cicada killer” and see how scary but very cool they are. Garden life is always interesting!